Giant Parade Balloons and Helium Parade Balloons in Singapore

Yeah sure there are parades on land, but what about parades on water?  How about the crazy thought of flying a helium balloon over an actively traversed bridge in the middle of a hustling downtown for a week straight?

Yep, we’ve done it.  Thanks to a creative group in Singapore, Big Events played an integral part in pulling off something that I have never seen accomplished.  The weather had to be just right and the bay had to be calm.  If just one tether line wasn’t anchored properly, or balloon chamber not sealed accordingly, disaster would have ensued.  Helium sources are a bit scarce on a junk boat in the middle of Singapore Bay.

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So that sounds hard but manageable right? What about doing it in 100% humidity with a temperature of about 95 degrees only a day after getting off of an 18 hour direct flight from LAX.  Those conditions certainly made achieving our goals just a little harder, but we pulled it off. What a backdrop and an amazing experience.

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