Advertising Balloons and Advertising Inflatables – PinkSpringBreak

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Understanding and embracing the concept of advertising inflatables and advertising balloons to their fullest ability is a fad that tends to ebb and flow with advertisers.  The 2013 spring break party hosted by Pink was full throttle for advertising balloons.  The creators behind this event incorporated all of these options and used them well.  The helium advertising balloons, advertising inflatables and their very own custom bounce house were a hug hit and clocked some serious internet traffic mileage with posts and tweets.  All were extremely popular with the clients and most importantly their guests.

The helium balloons suffered a couple draw backs with the strong winds bouncing off the building, but they still achieved their intended effect.  With a couple tweaks on placement, they would have looked even better.  Images from the party are below and additional product and event pictures are updated weekly to our Facebook page. 

This great video sums up the party…

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We manufacture, rent and sell gigantic advertising inflatables and advertising balloons for special events, promotions and parades.
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