Advertising Balloons and Advertising Inflatables – Commercials and Movies

The film industry is unlike any other organization on the planet.  Direction, concept and logistics all need to be planned out months in advance for clients to sign off on hundreds of thousands of dollars in production costs, yet every time we work on a project for film, there are never any logical realistic time frames given.  It is an odd Catch-22 that has never made sense to me but works for this group.

Below are only a few examples of jobs Big Events have been part of over the years, it is amazing the amount of work that go into these projects for only a second or two or air time.

This HUGE inflatable helmet for a Capital One Commercial was designed and skinned gold in just under a week (we had a pre-existing helmet that we tore apart and rebuilt with their custom specifications).  That is a ton of work in a very short time frame.Helmet_20_C1

This Gieco Gecko balloon had just a bit more production time allotted, but custom building a giant balloon usually takes 4 weeks.  This project only had allowed us 2 to 3 weeks… and we built two. Different sizes for different potential shots.


Here are more pictures of the commercial shoot.

Sometimes, when our luck is running high, we can rent an existing item, which was the case for this 2013 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial.


Only certain people have the nerve set to work with this industry and Big Events is no stranger to this.  What was not mentioned above, is the fact that these companies will call 5 to 10 times a day with potential changes.  Compounded with their short time frames, these jobs can be intensely stressful, but extremely rewarding.

Check out our facebook page for more pictures of our balloons.  Our youtube page is another great way to see how our balloons have been used in commercials and movies.

About advertisingballoons

We manufacture, rent and sell gigantic advertising inflatables and advertising balloons for special events, promotions and parades.
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