Giant Helium Parade Balloons – Largest Balloon Parade in the United States

Dubbed as the largest balloon parade in the United States, the Port of San Diego Big Bay Balloon Parade which is associated with the Holiday Bowl has more parade balloons in it than any other parade.  Yes, even more than the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade. Big Events has been the sole supplier of helium parade balloons to this parade for a number of years. With its seasoned, well experienced and well-traveled staff, we can typically pull off inflating 25 to 30+ gigantic parade balloons in just a couple hours.

Big Events’ helium parade balloon system has been refined for over 20 years, giving us the know-how to successfully pull off a great feat such as the largest balloon parade in the U.S. year after year. In addition to this, our systems allow us to deflate these balloons much faster than and other system in the world. This is extremely important in the case of inclement weather.  Operating a 60’long dinosaur or 60’ tall Cat in the Hat requires careful and extreme focus. Dodging street lights, trees and the occasional electrical wire takes years of experience.  I liken it to operating a sail boat with no keel.  Even the softest breeze can push these all over the place.

Our reputation circles the world over and over as we are the only supplier of parade balloons in the Balloon’s Day Parade in Brussels, Belgium.  We travel to many many more countries to operate these products.  Check out some of the awesome pictures. Like our facebook page to see random pictures of current balloons and advertising inflatables we are working on. Call us if you have any other questions. 760.477.2655

Gallery of some great Parade Balloon Pictures:

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About advertisingballoons

We manufacture, rent and sell gigantic advertising inflatables and advertising balloons for special events, promotions and parades.
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