Advertising Balloons and Advertising Inflatables – Pliosaur Dinosaur Inflatable

When Dr. Jorn Hurum with the University of Oslo Natural History Museum unearthed the largest Pliosaur fossil of its kind roughly 800 miles from the North Pole, he contacted Big Events to create an inflatable replica to show everyone just how these would have looked on a lifelike scale.

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Stacked with decades of his copious research and his newly found fossil, we worked closely with him on every aspect of this special inflatable. It had to be exact! Well, as exact as what we think these creatures looked like 150 million years ago.  Through countless correspondence the final product was received so well it has been used in National Geographic documentaries as well as displayed in many different places around the world, even with a blessing from the King of Norway.

Check out a quick edited video with graphics of the inflatable in a National Geographic Documentary.

This is probably the closest any inflatable has ever been to the North Pole.  It was flown straight to the dig site to help the team get a full understanding how large these Jurassic marine reptiles really were.

More information on this dig can be seen here:

The full documentary can be seen at here. It’s a great watch if you have the time. .

Big Events has been known for their attention to detail on all our products.  Inflatable dinosaurs can be some of the most time consuming inflatables to produce because of their shape, skin and colors.  Airbrushing by hand every single scale on a giant inflatable takes quite a bit of time. Advertising inflatables can be cheap and ugly, or they can be exquisite, clean and professionally done. Our dinos are just the tip of the iceberg with what we have created in our San Diego County warehouse. Check out some recent projects on our facebook page.

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