Advertising Balloons and Advertising Inflatables – Tailgating


Tailgating. The tradition that is unequivocally just as important as physically attending a sporting event… is dying.  The two go hand in hand like mac and cheese.  Over the last couple decades there has been a push to build these behemoth billion dollar venues in populated downtown areas, inadvertently killing the long standing tradition of tailgating.

When a stadium can hold 60,000 + people, but only allow for about 1,000 of those spectators to park in a lot, the tradition is all but gone.

At Big Events, we can feel good about having a part in the tailgating world as there is no better beacon or call to attention than having a giant advertising inflatable or advertising balloon float above a sea of cars and bbqs. These stand out and are a great way to let the fellow tens of thousands of parked tailgaters know who you are and what team you supporting.  Be seen and get known.


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We can only hope the tailgate tradition stays alive and continuous to be a part of the spectators sporting world. Check out pictures from some of the awesome projects we have worked on recently.

About advertisingballoons

We manufacture, rent and sell gigantic advertising inflatables and advertising balloons for special events, promotions and parades.
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