MLS Cup Trophy Advertising Inflatable

Providing goods and services to special events encompasses the majority of our day-to-day operations. When adding an inflatable or balloon as a prop/featured focal point to any event, multiple requirements must be met and accounted for many times over. Requirements can range from the simple task of how to tether these giants in place, to something a little more complex like a time constraint.

For the 2015 Major League Soccer Cup game held in Columbus, Ohio, the MLS Cup Trophy was a focal point and intended to be a featured item in the presentation ceremonies. There were two compulsory prerequisites which needed to be addressed to incorporate this as an advertising inflatable into the show.

  1. It cannot look like a standard bouncy house. An inflatable look would “cheapen the brand.”
  2. It would be used in both Pre and Post Game events and the giant 25’ advertising inflatable had to inflate in less than 45 seconds.

Making the inflatable look as clean as possible lead us to digitally printing every square inch of the visual parts. In aggregate we printed and laminated 1,350 sq.ft. The printing was used as a double layer to every part of the inflatable. This engineering lead to no visible gusset seams… a seamless look.

Addressing the second line item was a little easier for our company of over 25 years’ experience. Inflating this within the time constraint given meant adding additional fans. This allowed us to get the inflatable up fairly quickly.

Come game time it looked great and went from a pile of fabric to this shiny 25’ tall centerpiece, nationally broadcast on television, within 36 second. We could have gone faster if needed. 🙂 Oh and we built it in under two weeks.  Follow us on facebook to see our recent creations.

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About advertisingballoons

We manufacture, rent and sell gigantic advertising inflatables and advertising balloons for special events, promotions and parades.
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