Advertising Balloons and Advertising Inflatables – Adobe Creative Suite 6

The marketing brass at Adobe Creative really utilized our helium advertising balloons to their fullest extent and put on one of the most exciting product unveiling events I have been a part of in a while.  Not only did they use our balloons, but they went BIG, which maximizes the potential impact of what these large balloons are designed to accomplish.

Along with a huge show of balloons at the DeYoung in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, they placed giant 10’ helium cubes all throughout San Francisco, part of a city-wide scavenger hunt open to anyone who wanted to jump in.

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Like any outdoor venue, the elements can play a role in the final outcome of the intended show, and Mother Nature definitely showed up.  It was windy.

Big Events built of one the largest balloons (by volume) we have ever produced and positioned it above a fountain at the DeYoung.  This 30’ giant helium balloon was 100% digitally printed.  A feat in itself yes, but the fact that this balloon was swirling in the wind and dive bombing the 125 year old sculpture in the middle of the fountain gave a new meaning to a stress.

All in all the entire event was a success and was captured with this video. I’ve edited out some parts to shorten the video.  Take a look.

This was such a fun event, I hope someone follows suit soon.  We update photos all the time to our Facebook page. Take a peek and like if you want to see more.

Check out more of some of the events we have worked on…

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Advertising Balloons and Advertising Inflatables – PinkSpringBreak

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Understanding and embracing the concept of advertising inflatables and advertising balloons to their fullest ability is a fad that tends to ebb and flow with advertisers.  The 2013 spring break party hosted by Pink was full throttle for advertising balloons.  The creators behind this event incorporated all of these options and used them well.  The helium advertising balloons, advertising inflatables and their very own custom bounce house were a hug hit and clocked some serious internet traffic mileage with posts and tweets.  All were extremely popular with the clients and most importantly their guests.

The helium balloons suffered a couple draw backs with the strong winds bouncing off the building, but they still achieved their intended effect.  With a couple tweaks on placement, they would have looked even better.  Images from the party are below and additional product and event pictures are updated weekly to our Facebook page. 

This great video sums up the party…

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Giant Parade Balloons and Helium Parade Balloons in Singapore

Yeah sure there are parades on land, but what about parades on water?  How about the crazy thought of flying a helium balloon over an actively traversed bridge in the middle of a hustling downtown for a week straight?

Yep, we’ve done it.  Thanks to a creative group in Singapore, Big Events played an integral part in pulling off something that I have never seen accomplished.  The weather had to be just right and the bay had to be calm.  If just one tether line wasn’t anchored properly, or balloon chamber not sealed accordingly, disaster would have ensued.  Helium sources are a bit scarce on a junk boat in the middle of Singapore Bay.

Like us on Facebook to see pictures updated every week. We are a part of some real fun projects.

So that sounds hard but manageable right? What about doing it in 100% humidity with a temperature of about 95 degrees only a day after getting off of an 18 hour direct flight from LAX.  Those conditions certainly made achieving our goals just a little harder, but we pulled it off. What a backdrop and an amazing experience.

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Advertising Balloons and Advertising Inflatables – Building Your Inflatable

Every time we give a ballpark price on how much a custom Giant Advertising Balloon costs to produce, the reaction varies from “OMG you are crazy!” to “That’s reasonable.” For the most part there is no barometer with the average consumer to understand how much work it takes to create one of these custom items, and that is understandable.

Below is a simplified step by step procedure to help get a better idea of the amount of work that goes into your average 20-Foot custom advertising inflatable.


It all starts with a general concept or idea from the client. With their initial direction clearly understood, Big Events’ creates conceptual renderings that include typical idiosyncrasies from an inflatable standpoint (pressure/ease of setting up, etc.). Once these renderings have been approved we proceed to create a replica model.  This entire process allows continued and constructive feedback from both groups ensuring the best potential end product.  The model phase, which we create to make our patterns, also acts as the clients’ second opportunity to make any changes to their design.

After everyone is on board and the model has its final approval, we begin the patterning process. Only highly skilled pattern-makers can correctly generate these and it takes years of experience to know how to create patterns that will react the way an inflatable does.  For instance, garment pattern making is completely different than patterning a giant advertising inflatable.

The patterns are drawn and organized using a very expensive program which marks, nests and spits out copious images ready for a cutting table. Every piece gets a precise cut and is marked and stacked.  Check out the video of the last Mr. Potato Head we made.  These piles are then given to the sewing team who bring the inflatable to life. After days and days of sewing, sometimes much longer, our inflatable takes shape. But we are not done yet.

Big Events is one of the few companies driven to take the additional step and add additional excitement and energy to our products with airbrush art.   Our artist can add highlighting, low-lighting and everything in between to give our inflatable life-like qualities.  Even balloons that are completely digitally printed have the ability to be touched up (if needed) with airbrush art in our main 6,000 sq.ft facility.

Every single step in this process is equally important and requires the finest skilled workers. The art portion of this is no exception, and our experience, time and attention to detail separates Big Events from the heard.  Our product speaks for itself.  Take a look. Always like our facebook page to see constant updated photos!

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Advertising Balloons and Advertising Inflatables – FOX Inflatables

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When one of the largest media outlets in world invests in an advertising inflatable or advertising balloon to increase its brand awareness, it may prove that method of advertising has a positive impact.  When that global media outlet orders more of the same product for additional promotions, it must work!

Over the years we have built advertising inflatables and advertising balloons for this client and they continue to place orders.  Over the years this method of increasing brand awareness has a proven track record. In addition to this, the investment is relatively small.

All of our digital printing is laminated for the longest possible use.  If you want an advertising inflatable and advertising balloon built correctly, Big Events is your manufacture. Check out our website.

FOX Inflatables Peter_40_C Stewie 3 Stweie_40_CIMG_6716 IMG_6721

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Advertising Balloons and Advertising Inflatables – Deflating a Bounce House

Big Events has been building every type of inflatable imagined for over 20 years.  After constructing this 18′ tall show stopping inflatable Bounce House for the marketing team at Victoria Secret, it came back to us for a deep cleaning.  We noticed the advertising inflatable had shoe marks all over it and it was not wrapped up properly.  Anyone who has been involved in shipping large custom products knows that costs can increase drastically based on the dimensional weight of a shipment.

To help our client save money on shipping, we created this video to educate their event team on how to properly wrap up their advertising inflatable bounce house. Watching this 46 second video and educating their staff can save thousands of dollars on shipping costs.  Hope it Helps!  Your friends at Big Events.

Advertising Inflatable Bounce House Advertising Inflatable Bounce House Advertising Inflatable - Big Events Bounce House 1

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Largest Suspended American Flag

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June 30th at Stanford Stadium in California, Big Events events successfully flew a 50′ x 80′ American Flag at a halftime show.  The MLS soccer game between the San Jose Earthquakes and LA Galaxy was a great game, and at halftime the show was elevated to new limits.  Using 7 extremely large balloons, a bunch of helium, a giant American Flag, a couple hours of rehearsal, about 75 pairs of hands and a beautiful day from mother nature with a slight breeze, our goals were accomplished.  Check out the short video.

Here are some photos.

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