Outdoor Inflatable, Advertising Balloons, Yamaha Giant Balloon Manufacturing

Watch this advertising inflatable video of a Yamaha outdoor inflatable, built by Big Events in San Diego County (Oceanside), California. Yamaha approached us to build a promotional inflatable, announcing the release of their Yamaha V Max SHO 150 out board motor. Yamaha’s V MAX SHO® is the world’s first 4.2L Super High Output four stroke outboard motor for bass boats. The four stroke V MAX SHO offers all the advantages of a two stroke in a clean burning, fuel efficient four stroke. We surpassed Yamaha’s expectations with this outdoor inflatable-watch the process of designing and building this advertising balloon replica of the Yamaha out board motor.

Notice the steps involved in creating a custom inflatable advertising balloon:

  1. Initial sketch drafts. Based upon consultation with Yamaha’s objectives, we drew initial images of the Yamaha custom inflatable. With their advertising balloon plans, we responded with a detailed quote. (Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, our attention to detail and quality are the highest in the industry.) We completed the rough draft images for feedback and approval.
  2. Scale model mold is built of the advertising balloon. We transformed the two dimensional images to a scaled down 3D clay mold for design proportions.
  3. Outdoor Inflatable Balloon construction- create patterns, sew, paint. The real fun and excitement now begins with building the Yamaha promotional balloon. As you see in the time lapse giant advertising balloon video, we create patterns, sew the material, and paint the promotional inflatables according to color and design soecs. Quality checks are part of each step of the custom inflatable construction process.
  4. Outdoor Inflatable Testing.  The finished advertising balloon passes the “street test” for packaging, unloading, assembly, and air inflation. (With every outdoor inflatable balloon rental or purchase, we supply the air machines for proper inflation.)
  5. Package and Ship. The Yamaha V MAX SHO® 150 out board motor inflatable balloon is ready for shipping and delivery.
  6. Get Noticed, and Get Results!! If you are impressed with this Yamaha inflatable balloon, imagine how your business or product will be promoted with a custom advertising inflatable from Big Events in Oceanside, CA.

We are your best source for Helium Parade Balloons, Giant Advertising Balloons, Helium Spheres (advertising & lighted) and Giant Cold-Air/ Fan Powered Inflatables.

CUSTOM DESIGN OUTDOOR INFLATABLES and BALLOONS – Show us your advertising balloon plans, we will respond with a detailed quote. Whether your advertising, promotional or social event requires one outdoor inflatable or several hundred giant advertising balloons, no job too is too small or too large for our design, production and delivery process.

FOR RENTALS – Choose from our huge inventory of Helium Parade Balloons and Cold-Air Inflatables-   all at very competitive prices. Call us today: 760-477-2655. Visit our gallery of custom inflatable advertising balloons-http://www.BigEventsOnline.com.




About advertisingballoons

We manufacture, rent and sell gigantic advertising inflatables and advertising balloons for special events, promotions and parades.
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